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Studio Gallery

Eugenie van Raaij / Own work

VLUCHT 2014Painting \"Vlucht\" 2014 by Eugenie van Raaij.This painting has been elected, straight with a Wildcard and received a honorable mention at the Reward Ceremony of the ZomerExpo 2015Gemeentemuseum, Den Haag.ZomerExpo 11/7-20//9 Gemeentemuseum Den Haag.Vlucht 2014, 1.87 x 1.10 cm, mixed techniques on used moving boxes.

Biografie From the serie " Human jungle"

Photo on metal from the serie "Intimacy"

Concept Human Jungle

Book " Public Intimacy"

Global Warming from the serie "Moving Essence"

" All my dreams are over....." 4x pencil sketch

" All my dreams are over.........." Sculpture

Tonio, serie Spanish portrets

" Joven", grafic art. Photo print on metal.Serie Spanish portrets


Flamenco cabeza

Bleu naked


Noche Madrid

Abrazo / Embrace

painting Abrazo

Urban Landscape - Under the surface Installation 2, plexiglas and acryl

Urban Landscapes - Under the surface. Tsunami

Urban Landscape - Under the surface

" All my dreams are over............" Drawing

Installation from the serie "Human Jungle"

Photo from the serie " Public Intimacy"



Drawing "Joven" . Serie Spanish portrets

Human Jungle


Out of the box

Out of the box

Urban Landscape; Under the surface

City lights Serie Urban Landscape

Urban landscape - under the surface. Objecten

Urban Landscape - under the surface " Flamenco"

Urban landscape- Pueblo Blanco

Urban Landscape - Under the surface Heli-view

Don Juan

Don Juan

An overview of work of the Spanish period in Madrid.

catalogue Madrid

Flamenco Grande

dancer small

Red abstract

red abstract

Digital Muppets From the serie "Human Jungle"

Concept "Moving Essence"

Serie "Moving Essence"

Ending and beginning