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Eugenie van Raaij

Pablo Picasso: "Every child is an Artist. The problem is how to remain an Artist once he grows up."

Eugenie van Raaij is a Dutch Visual Artist and Lawyer. She lives and works in The Hague and Cadiz. Paintings, drawings, and Photography.  Eugnie has spent most of her professional life abroad working in an international business environment. Eugenie is also involved in several cultural projects for international organisations and schools and has founded the International Art Organization: "Arte sin Limites" in The Hague.   


Creativity plays an important role in her life:

"Without creativity no new ideas!"

During a 4-year stay in Slovakia (1996-2000), Eugenie got the opportunity to be a student of Katarina Kemnyova, a famous Slovak painter. She joint several international groups of Artists, f.e. the group of Gwenaelle de Saint Aubin in Paris. Eugenie moved  in 2000 to Madrid for a stay of 8 years. In Madrid she produced and participated in several solo- and collective exhibitions. She also organized inspiration- and painting workshops. In 2008, Eugenie returned to Holland were she started "ARTE SIN LIMITES" an international Art Organization and Gallery. She also joined the Art Academy.

Al these experiences: freedom, Light, movement, music, travelling, interesting encounters and discoveries but also engagement are the sources of her inspiration.


The Artist and the world.

"The relationship of people with places" is a returning theme in my work. Every person has a story, every piece of art is telling a story. It triggers your imagination and it can touch you deep into your heart. That has been my fascination as an Artist. I see art as a language without words, a way of communication. After a long stay abroad, the world became my field, my studio. I research contemporary themes that touch me and work with used materials matching these subject as i.e. used and damaged moving boxes for the serie " Einde en begin" about refugees.






1997: Gallery Danube, Bratislava

1999: Gallery Danube, Bratislava


2001: Ciudalcampo. Theme: "Exposition en el Campo", Madrid

2002: ICS.Theme "Por India", Madrid.

2004: Villa Mercedes, Cadiz.

2005: ICS. Theme: Por la paz" together with Jesus Soler, Madrid. 

2007: Galeria Embandeja together with Macarena Candrian: Paintings, Madrid.

The Netherlands 

2008: Gallery ARTE SIN LIMITES, The Hague

2008: Gravenzaal City hall Haarlem: Auction Painting "Madrid de Noche" by

Auctioneer : Willem de Winter organized by the Dutch Red Cross.

2009: "Latin Impressions": Gallery ARTE SIN LIMITES, The Hague.

2010: " Werk in uitvoering" : Gallery ARTE SIN LIMITES. The Hague.

2010: " Dutch impressions". ANTON ART.DESIGN. The Hague

2011: " Art enlightens ". Arte Sin Limites Gallery, The Hague

2011: " According too" . Sidac Studio, Leiden

2012:" Public Intimacy" Kasteel Oud Poelgeest, Oegstgeest.

2013: " Moving Essence"

2013: " Human Jungle"     HOOGTIJ#33

2013: ART tour Renswoude


2014: "FINAL EXHIBITION" at the Art Academy

2014: "OPEN Ateliers Den Haag". Oct 4th and 5th. Serie: "Ending and beginning"

2014: " Big Drawing Exhibition". Pulchri Studio, The Hague.

2015 Photography from the serie "Light Drawings", selected and published with favorable review of Wim van Sinderen, Senior Curator of the Fotomuseum The Hague in NRC, a ruling Dutch national newsletter.

2015: Selected with her painting "Girasoles" for the Van Gogh Match by the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

2015: VKK Exhibition "Light Drawings" Photography 

2015: Exhibition Gemeentemuseum The Hague, 11/7-20/9. With her Painting "Vlucht" (2014) .Her work was direct selected with a Wildcard in A’dam for the ZomerExpo 2015.

2015: VKK Exhibition "", schilderijen, 1/9 - 1/11.

September, 20th 2015, Painting "Vlucht" got rewarded with a honorable mention - at the ZomerExpo Award Ceremony, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag.

2015: Exhibition Haagse Kunstkring. 1/10-1/11, Schilderijen en fotografie

2016: Exhibition Wallpaper Art Series, Mixed techniques on paper. Arte Sin Limites      Gallery.

2016: Exhibition New Window, Post Modern. Festival Design kwartier

2016: Exhibition Wallpaper Art Series at HOLAA. Hoogtij, Laagtij, Art Walk With Me.

2016: Exhibition ’Moon Waves’, Photography. Arte Sin Limites Gallery.

2017: Exhibition ’Protest Art’. Oil-paintings. Arte sin Limites Gallery.

2017: Exhibition at Festival Designkwartier

2017: Exhibition ’Try STIJL’ . Arte Sin Limites Gallery  



Mixed techniques. Oil, acryl, sand, fabric, construction-material. On kanvas, jute, metal- and wooden panels.



The Netherlands, 1990 - 1996

Lawyer in Court:
Trenite van Doorne (now Simmons and Simmons) and lawfirm Kienhuis.
Speciality: Building- and construction law

National Negotiator Labourconditions

BBV (Banks and assurances)

Publications: Regular in Banking Review


Slovakia, Bratislava 1996 - 2000

Country Lawyer:

ABB, Asea Brown Boveri. Management- team
Specialization: Legal & HR

Advisory Board Slovak Government: Introducing Foster Care

Advisory Board Human Rights: Protecting  the rights of the ROMA- children in Eastern Europe.


Spain, Madrid 2000 - 2008

Legal consultant ABB
Specialization: International codes and contracts

Projectleader Special Olympics

Member of the Advisory Board ICS (International College Spain)

Artist and organizer Artistic inspiration workshops


The Netherlands, The Hague  2008 - 

Founder : Foundation ARTE SIN LIMITES

Owner, Art Director and Art Visual Artist: Studio - Gallery ARTE SIN LIMITES


Eugenie in Bleu